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Public Listed Companies’ Financial Statements

  •  10Q and 10K for public companies in USA
  •  10Q and 10K for public companies in Canada

Company and Trust Auditing and Review

  • Small and medium enterprises auditing and review
  • Trust auditing and review

Small and Medium Enterprises

  • Accounting system setting
  • Accounting software installation
  • Monthly bookkeeping and payroll
  • HST filing
  • Year ended financial statements and tax return filing

Business Plan and Financial Analysis

  • Business plan and proposal
  • Fund raising financial report
  • Business acquisition and merger financial analysis
  • New Business financial and taxation information
  • Subsidiaries and branches of foreign companies taxation consulting

Individual Tax Planning and Tax Return Filing

  • Individual tax planning
  • Individual tax return filing and benefits claim
  • Foreign Assets and Foreign Affiliates
  • Non-residents 

Real Estate Tax Planning

  • Real Estate Tax Planning for Individual
  • Real Estate Tax Planning for Company
  • Real Estate Tax Planning Non-residents